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Who am I?

A creative powerhouse

Kristina Rudolph

My track record proves disruption to the status quo. Beginning from birth, through college and continuing beyond tomorrow, I influence people and teams in their every day lives and in every career I've thus far touched. Creatives don't stop; UX, UI, Design, Marketing, Writing and working with materials like fine jewelry, metal, sculpture, mixed media, graphics, fibers, painting, photography, floral art and all forms of 2D and 3D are my specialties.

What I do

Anything creative

  • Creative marketing, concepts & design
  • Transformative spaces
  • Displays, interiors, craft & sculpture
  • Graphics & UX, UI & web design
  • Micro to macro (work small & large)
  • Instruct & guest lecturer

Say What?


  • Garin Horner

    "Kris' innovative and creative approaches inspire her Graphic Design students to excel!

    Kris' passion and dedication for design comes through in her projects and her teaching."

    Garin Horner, Department Chair
  • Pi Benio

    "She has the initiative to make work that exhibits her strong conviction to design, using surprising source materials that not only brighten the world but also inform."

    Pauleve "Pi" Benio, Professor
  • Sean VerHage

    "Is constantly and consistently one of the top performers."

    Sean VerHage, Manager