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GRAPHIC DESIGN 218 (Digital Imaging using Photoshop CS5)
Understanding the fundamentals of design and digital imaging are pertinent aspects for the proper communication of ideas. Whether online or printed, it is important for one to understand how to utilize current design software in order to succeed in this competitive industry. This class helps teach you how to create, manipulate and edit objects using Photoshop software on a MAC interface. Hand work, collaboration, research and ideation are also important factors in this beginner art/design class.

GRAPHIC DESIGN 228 (Illustrator & InDesign CS5)
Graphic design terminology, historical context and the use of digital imaging are the focus for the principles of proper idea communication. This class helps teach you how to create, edit and manipulate objects and type, using Illustrator and InDesign on the MAC. Hand work, collaboration and typography manipulation begin to be addressed in this class.

GRAPHIC DESIGN 328 (Illustrator & InDesign CS5)
Gain a better understanding of graphic design and the marketing industry as we learn how the social aspects of design an its history relate to the way an idea is visually communicated. Continue to explore designers, typography and their influences to the design world. This class focuses on using Illustrator and InDesign on the MAC. Hand work, collaboration, web basics, three-dimensional print design and the basics of press printing are also discussed.

Understand how to use text editors (Dreamweaver) to create HTML layouts and enhance them using CSS. This class begins learning Dreamweaver, basic HTML, WYSIWYG and web fundamentals then continues with applying these fundamentals through projects like e-newsletters and the creation of a multi-page web site.
To learn more about this specific class and the curriculum I designed for it please view my 319 class web blog.

- Acquire a working knowledge of Adobe CS5 print and web software.
- Translate ideas into meaningful forms using concept development in hand, digital and printed outputs.
- Utilize proper terminology and know how it relates to the design and web industry.
- Learn about current design trends and the role that contributing artists play in the impact of design’s history.
- Use the class web blog in order to obtain peer feedback and gather inspiration.
- Learn time management techniques, sharing critique feedback and valuable lessons of the design industry.
- Begin to create an online and print portfolio and identity.

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