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Game Show Set

Based on a scaled down model of the game sets within The Price is Right game show.

Price is Right Game show set


2x4's, masonite, bolts, washers, metal rod, nails, foam core board, scrapbooking papers, acrylic and spray paints, adhesive spray, Elmer's glue, sticker print paper, glitter and found objects.

Price is Right Game show set


1. Theme of game show concept was incepted within a group.
2. Parts remained modular and ease of transport.
3. A minimal budget contributed to creative use with craft store materials and scrap wood.
4. 2x4s were used as frames to hold up fitted masonite panels cut with a table saw.
5. Panels were taped off and painted in alternate layers to dry.
6. Glue was spread onto each color field and glitter was applied until dry.

Price is Right Game show set7. Game show font was printed to match scale and traced onto foam core board.
8. Lettering was hand cut with Exacto blades, painted and glued to dry painted panels.
9. Wheel pieces were cut and mounted with a rod weighted with washers to insure proper spin.
10. Reinacted show games were played with workers, as contestants, who could win prizes.

Price is Right Game show set

Price is Right Game show set

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