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First Contact Installation


Wire mesh, floral foam, muslin, plaster, tile grout stone pebble paint, willow branches, seed pods, florals, biohazard tape, wood, nails, moss, electrical wiring, black lights, sound recordings and Tide detergent.

First Contact Installation


1. Concept sketch was inspired by the "First Contact" theme interpreted into an alien environment.
2. Gallery measurements provided spacial constraints. Parts remained modular and light for transport.
3. A minimal budget contributed to creative use with found objects and household materials.
4. Hollow rocks were created with mesh wire covered in muslin, plaster and tile grout and coated in stone pebble paint and Tide which created luminescent rocks under black light.
5. Cocoons were created from paper mache balloons and muslin sprayed with Tide.
6. Foliage, moss and pods were arranged in cocoons and between rocks using floral foam.

First Contact Installation
First Contact Installation 7. Willow branches were cut and mounted to wood crosses hidden under foliage and rocks.
8. Alien sounds were created by combining ambient tones using Garage Band.
9. Wiring and recording devices were hidden within built wood crates stenciled with biohazard logos.
10. An old transistor box was wired with a lit button that created additional noises when pressed.

First Contact Installation

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